Transforming CEHD into an Anti-racist College 

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Massachusetts Boston is dedicated to social justice, inclusion, equity, and eradicating all forms of discrimination, oppression and racism.  Recognizing that we are embedded in a society that perpetuates systemic racism, discrimination, and oppression and being cognizant of the inherent whiteness that has and continues to define higher education, we choose to confront and reject it and all its manifestations. While we have a mission and historical commitment to social justice and inclusion, we must work harder and accomplish more as opponents of the inherent whiteness, racism and anti-Blackness that continue to dominate our society, institutions of higher education, and even our own academic community.  This does not undermine nor preclude our dedication to oppose all forms of racism, oppression, inequality, exclusion, and marginalization – rather it acknowledges the urgency and importance of owning our commitment to resisting anti-Black racism. 

Building upon this commitment, CEHD dedicates our individual and collective efforts to sustained reflection and action as we address whiteness, racism, and anti-Blackness within our own academic community and beyond.  In keeping with other units within the university, we will adopt a restorative justice approach to this important work. Beginning in the 2020-21 academic year, we resolve to engage with each other to examine, interrogate, and act with purpose and intent on our journey to becoming an authentically anti-racist and socially just community. This is hard work that requires immediate progress toward longer-term sustained change – it will involve challenging ourselves, creating discomfort, examining our own identities and beliefs, and providing constructive ways forward.  We have much to do as we strive for continuous improvement and sustainability. In order to meet the challenge described above, we will commit to actions within the following identified dimensions for change, in addition to other dimensions we will identify as a group. We recognize that these dimensions are not mutually exclusive, and each impact the development and success of the others:  

We are committed to strategically developing each dimension, including adding accountability measures to ensure we are fully engaging in this process. 


The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is committed to fulfilling the academic and civic purposes of education in a diverse democracy. 

UMass Boston is proud to be an Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution (AANAPISI). We are committed to serving our Asian Americans and Native American Pacific Islanders.

CEHD is comprised of three departments and one school:

All four units share a commitment to academic excellence, social justice and inclusion, and equality of access and success for all students.