Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction prepares future educators in several areas, including early childhood, elementary, middle/secondary education, and special education. The department also includes undergraduate programs in Elementary and Middle/Secondary Education and Early Education and Care in Inclusive Settings. The experienced faculty have relationships with urban schools, child care programs, and early intervention agencies and have deep knowledge of best practices as well as developmentally appropriate practices, research and grant experience in a variety of methodologies and applied research activities, and teaching experience across the spectrum of higher education.

Consistent with the missions of the College of Education and Human Development and the university, the department is committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to promote professional excellence in urban settings, the understanding that culture and worldview shape meaning in every aspect of individual and group life, the ability to engage in critical and creative inquiry and in continuous learning, and the recognition of the instructional advantages of new technologies in addressing the learning needs of all students. Throughout each program, there is an emphasis on social justice and student advocacy. All programs provide a context by which candidates can reflect on their teaching practices and view themselves as active contributors to school improvement. Each program has licensure and non-licensure options for students.

The programs aim to prepare thoughtful and responsive educators who:

  1. demonstrate professional commitments by upholding ethical behaviors, pursuing life-long learning, dedicating oneself to serve others, and acknowledging human resilience and capability to learn;
  2. possess breadth and depth in content and pedagogical knowledge, assessment practices, and the use of technology in practice; and
  3. implement best practices by demonstrating caring behavior, collaborating productively with others, reflecting on how to improve professional practices, and promoting social justice as social change agents.

The teacher preparation programs seek to ensure that all of its graduates are prepared to

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