Applied Behavior Analysis for Special Populations Certificate

This six-course graduate sequence is designed to enable students to serve as effective practitioners who can assess, design, implement and evaluate applied behavior analysis (ABA) programs.

Assistive Technology for Individuals with Visual Impairments Certificate

Learn to use technology to enhance opportunities for people with visual impairments in vocational, educational, and avocational settings.

Autism Endorsement Certificate

Develop the skills to more effectively teach individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment Certificate

Develop the skills to effectively assess and provide services to students with cortical/cerebral visual impairment.

Critical and Creative Thinking Certificate

An explicit and sustained focus on learning and applying ideas and tools in critical thinking, creative thinking, and reflective practice allows students to develop clarity and confidence to make deep changes in their learning, work, activism, and art.

Early Education Research, Policy, and Practice, Post-Master’s Certificate

The program offers an advanced leadership pathway for experienced educators in the early education and care field. Students develop their leadership and research skills as they deepen their knowledge about early childhood education from birth to age 8.

Human Rights Certificate

The first program of its kind in the Boston area, the certificate in human rights focuses on working across applied ethics, international relations, economics, social policy, and international development, in order to foster a more inclusive society.

Instructional and Learning Design Certificate

Get certified to create education and training programs for the adult learner in professional and academic environments.

Instructional Technology Design Certificate

Get certified to develop curricula and create computer-mediated education and training programs for the adult learner in professional and academic environments.

Rehabilitation Counseling Certificate

Our certificate program offers a seven-course sequence for students who have completed a master’s degree in a related field and are interested in taking the national exam to become a certified rehabilitation counselor (CRC).

Special Education Certificates

UMass Boston’s Special Education Certificates are designed for teachers seeking a secondary license, as well as those seeking initial licensure to work with special populations. We offer four certificates, two on campus and two online.

Transition Leadership Certificate

Our certificate program bridges the gap between special education and adult services by creating a cohort of professionals who connect these two fields. Students who successfully complete the certificate will be able to excel as transition specialists.

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Certificate

Professionals in vision rehabilitation therapy enhance the vocational opportunities, independent living, and educational development of people with vision loss.

Vision Studies Certificate

SGISD offers four certificates through its Vision Studies program: orientation and mobility (O&M), vision rehabilitation therapy (VRT), assistive technology for visual impairment (AT for VI), and cortical/cerebral visual impairment (CVI).

Vision Studies: Orientation and Mobility Certificate

Orientation and mobility professionals teach people with visual impairments to orient themselves and travel safely with confidence.