Middle/Secondary Education MEd

UMass Boston’s Middle/Secondary Education master’s degree prepares you for initial licensure as a middle school or high school teacher. As a public university with strong ties to local public school systems, there’s no better place to get your MEd. The 37-credit program includes opportunities to work with youth during your first two semesters in a variety of settings, a pre-practicum semester where you are in the classroom for 100 hours during that time, and a final semester teaching full-time in a middle or high school classroom.

Program Options

  1. Students can choose to complete the campus program where students take 2-3 courses a semester and complete their pre-practicum in their penultimate semester and their practicum in their final semester. This program takes 1-3 years to complete depending on how many course students complete each semester and when they matriculate.
  2. Students can also choose to participate in the Teach Next Year (TNY) pathway. The TNY pathway seeks committed individuals interested in making a positive impact on students’ success in our partnering schools. The program is designed to build on the interests and expertise of its students, faculty, and the student in Boston Public Schools. Because it is an intensive site-based educational experience, it provides the support of professors, practitioners, and colleagues while it supplies the challenge of study, practice, and exploration.

Initial licensure is offered in the following disciplines, at the grade levels in parentheses:

Except for the foreign language content areas, all licenses are for grades 5-8 or 8-12. Foreign language licenses are for grades 5-12.

Why Apply to UMass Boston’s Middle/Secondary Education MEd Program?

This program offers opportunities for students to learn to about middle/secondary education and participate in classrooms and after school settings. Through working with dedicated faculty to develop teaching skills, action research skills, and knowledge of content and pedagogy, our graduates are prepared to work in urban, diverse, and inclusive settings and serve students as soon as they graduate.

Application Deadline

Spring: December 1
Fall: June 1 (priority deadline); July 1 (final deadline)

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