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The University of Massachusetts Boston's PhD in School Psychology program utilizes a scientist-practitioner model that emphasizes practice to support students, school staff, families, and community members that is grounded in rigorous research and science. In adhering to this model, our School Psychology PhD program of study is designed to:

The School Psychology PhD program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (full accreditation until 2023) and fully approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). Our faculty, in collaboration with students, are actively engaged in funded research and applied practice to evaluate and support data-driven and culturally responsive behavior screening, classroom management, implementation, and multi-tiered systems of support. In addition to this research, our students have the opportunity to pursue transnational work as part of the local and global social justice initiative of the program

Why Apply for UMass Boston's School Psychology PhD Program?

School psychologists are in-demand experts in assessment, consultation, and intervention for students and school systems. The School Psychology PhD program provides students with core psychology training and the ability to become licensed psychologists. School psychology faculty partner with students to publish and disseminate widely on important topics for today’s schools including multi-tiered systems of support, behavioral screening, culturally competent classroom instruction, mindfulness, and implementation science. Our students receive competitive internship placements and graduates are employed in leadership positions in schools and other settings. Our program is driven by a commitment to social justice, including opportunities to advocate and contribute to local and transnational work. We make every effort to provide all doctoral students with a stipend, which covers tuition, for the duration of the program as they complete graduate assistant work in research, teaching, and practicum.

The School Psychology program at the University of Massachusetts Boston meets applicable licensure requirements in the state of Massachusetts. The program has not made a determination whether the curriculum meets the educational requirements for licensure in states outside of Massachusetts.

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Application Deadline

December 1

The School Psychology Program is no longer requiring GRE scores for admissions. Applicants should not submit their GRE scores through ETS nor report their scores in the application portal or on their CVs or personal statements. If they are submitted, they will not be considered with the applicant file.

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