Teach Next Year MEd

Teach Next Year (TNY) is a one-year, full-time master’s program to prepare educators to teach in urban schools. The TNY teacher residency program seeks committed individuals interested in making a positive impact on students’ success in our partnering schools. It is an intensive, site-based educational experience and provides the support of professors, practitioners and colleagues while it supplies the challenge of study practice and exploration.

In addition to a master’s degree and teacher licensure, the TNY program also prepares graduate students for add-on licensure in Special Education - Moderate Disabilities (SPED) and/or English as a Second Language (ESL).

Students will complete a course of study related to their selected teaching area: early childhood education (PreK-2), elementary education (grades 1-6), or selected subject areas in middle school or high school. These courses support students in their graduate level learning process. Courses include an introduction to a developmental perspective on education, research and current understandings about the methods of teaching specific fields of knowledge, classroom management, inclusive practices for meeting the needs of students with disabilities and instruction of content for English Language Learners.

Students start their course work during the summer and complete 4 courses over two summer sections. Students are then placed in schools to work full time as interns throughout the school, culminating in their student teaching experience in the spring. In the meantime, students complete the remaining 8 course during the Fall and Spring semesters in the afternoon or evening.

Program Options

Students can select from the following license areas when participating in TNY. For more information on the programs and curriculum for the specific program areas, please see the pages for that license and master’s degree.

  1. Middle or Secondary Math or Science (specifically, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering)
  2. Early Childhood (PreK-2nd grade) level
  3. Elementary (K-6) level
  4. Middle (5-8) or Secondary (9-12) or in the subject areas of English Language Arts (ELA), History, or Social Studies

Why Apply for UMass Boston’s Teach Next Year Program?

This program offers opportunities for students to learn to about elementary pedagogy and content across the curriculum areas and gain experience in urban schools through daily work. Through working with dedicated faculty to develop your teaching skills, action research skills, and knowledge of child development, our graduates are prepared to work in urban, diverse, and inclusive settings and serve children and their families as soon as they graduate. Students have the opportunity to understand the daily work of a teacher and the incredible impact they have on students’ lives.