Sport Leadership and Administration BA

UMass Boston's Sport Leadership and Administration Program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective, transformative, and equity-minded leaders of social change through sport. Students engage in study of the phenomenon of sport from a variety of theoretical lenses based in the liberal arts (historical, anthropological, sociological, psychological/developmental, and economic). This program is designed to provide students with coursework in leadership and management. Students in the Sport Leadership and Administration Program participate in experiential learning opportunities that help them both apply what they have learned through classwork and actualize their leadership potential. Through our multi-pronged approach, we send students out into a variety of sport industry jobs and career paths fully prepared to succeed as leaders.

Why Apply to UMass Boston's Sport Leadership and Administration Program?

We make a versatile set of programmatic options tailored to different student cadres, depending on their individual interests and potential career paths, as well as their qualifications upon admission to the university and/or to the major. Students interested in this program could pursue three options:

Option 1: The recently-approved BA in sport leadership, built from:

Option 2: The recently-approved BA in sport leadership, built from:

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The Sport Leadership and Administration program is supported by a generous gift from New Balance.
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