UTeach Education Program BA with Teaching Preparation

UTeach is a streamlined teacher preparation for mathematics and science majors. The goals of the UTeach Program are to attract and retain more students into teaching careers, and to graduate outstanding science and mathematics teachers who are masters of their discipline, who know how to use technology to enhance learning, and who can understand and involve students in project-based inquiry.

STEM majors: if you have ever thought to yourself, “Maybe I should become a teacher,” here’s how to find out! The UTeach Boston program lets you explore teaching with coursework, field experience, and support. As early as your very first semester, our Step 1 course puts you and a partner in a classroom, teaching kids. The UTeach Boston program lets you explore teaching to see if it’s the right path for you. If teaching is what you want to do, you’ll be happy to know that you can complete both a Bachelor of Science degree and your teacher certification in four years. Whether you join UTeach as a freshman or later on in your college career, UTeach advisors are there to help you along the way.

Why Apply to UMass Boston's UTeach Program?

Our program gives students the opportunity to obtain experience teaching in a public classroom early in your college career, complete your math or science degree and be certified to teach in four years. Students will receive mentoring from master teachers at UMass Boston and mentor teachers in the public schools, and will continue to be mentored after graduation.